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About us

     LAMMIN is a high-tech company which specializing in the development and production of intelligent lighting control system and auxiliary products. We adhere to the German technology and adopt advanced power electronic technology , to provide users with DALI485 light control system. The professional dimmers and the energy-saving products for the architectural environment are adopted the common interface.

       The professional universal central dimmers made by LIMMIN which aim to the manufactures own KNX(EIB) and C-BUS technology can connect with the products made by ABBMerten、Siemens、Hager、(CLIPSAL)Schneider、CRESTRON quickly. It realizes the power expender dimming、LED dimming、cold cathode tube dimming.


      DALI LED Dimmer、Power Expender Dimmer and Curtain Controller etc made by LIMMIN adopt General International Agreement. Our products   adhere to DALI International Standard Agreement. The products  we made interconnect with DALI products made by Philips、OSRAM、TRIDONIC、HELVER etc. LIMMIN provide the global consumers more and more rich products to choose.


     We have ten- year professional experience in the fields of intelligent light control. Customers are always our priorities and technical innovation is our mission. In order to create greater value for our customers, we strive to provide them with reliable, advanced products and full service.